What an adventure today! My friend the messy pumpkin alien sent me this challenge:
Can you juggle in space with a winter hat, a kitchen glove and a teddy bear?

Wow! impossible i thought! But hey, let’s try! First i had to do some technical tweaking with the capsule to create enough gravity to be able to attempt this feat. In the meantime i received the teddy bear of messy pumpkin via express delivery and i took the winter hat and kitchen glove i have in the capsule as well. And there we go, it wasn’t easy at all but finally it worked! What a relief!

The Teddy Bear, Winter Hat & Kitchen Glove, Will they Juggle? Because Life is all about Juggling!
Volandino, the imperfect astronaut attempts a most daring challenge by juggling a teddy bear, a winter hat and a kitchen glove inside his spaceship, challenging the forces of gravity and his own sense of balance!

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