Explore the edges of knowledge and creativity from the perspective of Volandino’s spacecraft. Javier Ideami’s alter ego debates with leading thinkers and explorers, in english and spanish


Dmitry Kaminskiy

Longevity Industry 2.0
We connect with entrepreneur and investor Dmitry Kaminskiy to explore how how A.I & Nanotech will accelerate the Longevity Industry 2.0

Aubrey de Grey

Curing aging with medical technology
We connect with gerontologist Aubrey de Grey to explore how medical technology can help us cure aging, repairing the damages caused by its processes.

Polina Mamoshina

Aging clocks, predicting our real biological age with artificial intelligence
We connect with researcher Polina Mamoshina to explore the fascinating world of aging clocks and how artificial intelligence is powering them.

Seth Shostak

Seth Shostak: 2036, First Contact | Challenges & hopes in the search for extraterrestrials
We connect with leading astronomer Seth Shostak to explore challenges and hopes in the search for extraterrestial intelligent life in our universe.

Graham Lau

Astrobiology and the mystery of life
We connect with astrobiologist Graham Lau, to explore what life is, how to find it in its inmense diversity, and how to interact and communicate with it.

La Cris

La Cris: How improvisation can change your life | the freedom in improvisation musicians & creatives
We connect with master musical artisan and improviser La Cris, to explore how improvisation can change and improve your life.

Andrés Torrubia

Andrés Torrubia: from GPT-3 to AGI 
We connect with A.I expert Andrés Torrubia to explore how the GPT system could evolve in the future to approach a more general and flexible artificial intelligence.

Billa Bhandari

Wearable technology, from healthcare to fashion
We connect with wearable technology expert Billa Bhandari, to explore how wearable tech can empower solutions in the healthcare and fashion sectors


Michael Jackson and the two laws of science
We connect with multidisciplinar explorer Howard Bloom to explore themes around his latest book: Einstein, Michael Jackson & Me: A Search for Soul in the Power Pits of Rock and Roll.

Jacob Cole

Jacob Cole: Augmenting human intelligence and exploring the ripples on the cosmic medium
We connect with entrepreneur Jacob cole to explore the mysteries of both human and artificial connections 

Heather Wilde

Flying cars, antarctica and creating Evernote from a sailboat
We connect with award winning entrepreneur Heather Wilde in a fascinating journey that goes from flying cars to antarctica and beyond.

Piero Scaruffi

In the intersection of Tech and Art
We connect with multidimensional Silicon Valley scholar Piero Scaruffi, to explore a wide range of topics, from artificial intelligence to interactive art and beyond.

Dr. José Morey

Dr. José Morey: From Leonardo Da Vinci to the Singularity, a journey with the first intergalactic doctor
We connect with multidimensional expert Dr. José Morey to explore how medicine, AI & the space industry are converging towards a future full of opportunities & also some challenges.

Elizabeth SVOBODA

Is true altruism possible? life saving decisions and the psychology of heroism
We connect with award winning science writer Elizabeth Svoboda to explore themes around mental health, altruism and heroic decisions that save lives.


From Ferdinand Magellan’s voyage to the first mission to Mars
We connect with award winning journalist Bruce Dorminey on a fascinating journey from Ferdinand Magellan’s voyage to the first mission to Mars.

Xavier Verdaguer

Empathetic entrepreneurship
(Episode in Spanish)

We connect with the experiences of Xavier Verdaguer, a leading entrepreneur who takes us on a deep journey to the roots of entrepreneurship.

Andrés Torrubia

Lateral thinking and exploration
(Episode in Spanish)

We explore with Andrés Torrubia, a multi-talented entrepreneur with a great ability to find original angles in the face of all kinds of complex challenges.

Ana Torrico

The magic of the voice
(Episode in Spanish)

Explore the magic and possibilities of your voice with Ana Torrico, a leading expert with spectacular energy at the service of our best instrument.

Go Beyond

Javier Ideami takes you on a wild ride beyond our immediate horizons. Take a ride with his alter ego Volandino González and look at the world from a different pespective. 

Javier Ideami is a multidisciplinary award winning creative director, engineer, artist and entrepreneur. From Silicon Valley to the jungles of Bali, Ideami has been leading innovative ventures and earning recognition in a wide diversity of fields over the last many years.

Volandino González is Ideami’s alter ego. Volandino has won important awards like the Freixenet competition that had Volandino showcased in the main Spanish TV Channels during the christmas season. Volandino combines Ideami’s expertise and creativity with the unique world of this most peculiar astronaut, in order to look at the world and its mysteries from a fresh perspective.




Javier Ideami

Javier Ideami


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