Dmitry Kaminskiy: Conquering aging, how A.I & Nanotech will accelerate the Longevity Industry 2.0
Dmitry Kaminskiy, General Partner of Deep Knowledge Group, is an innovative entrepreneur and investor active in the fields of BioTech, FinTech, Longevity and Artificial Intelligence. He is co-founder and managing partner at Deep Knowledge Ventures, a leading investment fund focused on DeepTech, renowned for its use of sophisticated analytical systems for investment target identification and due-diligence. This episode explores how artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, two of the key pillars of the longevity industry 2.0, will bring us closer to conquering aging.

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00:00 – Intro
01:37 – Achieving practical results in practical human longevity
03:19 – Reaching escape velocity – 2030
05:50 – The key role of artificial intelligence in longevity science
07:36 – Are the capabilities of today’s A.I good enough to tackle this challenge?
11:40 – Insilico Medicine and the many companies working in the field
13:23 – Deep Longevity, Polina Mamoshina, and aging clocks
14:21 – Clinical trials reality check
19:20 – Digital medicine – mHealth, A.I doctors, wearables, etc
21:07 – Virtual evolution of research through A.I
24:20 – Combining A.I plus human/animal trials and out-of-body trials
25:48 – The problem with experiments on mice and the alternatives
28:21 – Brain and body, the same challenge
30:36 – Nanotechnology, human centered field advancing quickly
32:20 – A.I and Nanotech, key pillars of the longevity industry
33:30 – The $1 million prize to the first person becoming 123 years old
37:06 – Investment in the longevity industry – the needed harmonization
38:11 – Reaching metrics consensus (biomarkers,etc)
42:32 – Balance issues between countries in terms of the longevity industry
47:28 – Dealing with overpopulation and other issues as a consequence of extended longevity
51:37 – The meaning of life and adapting to the new coming horizons

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