Jacob Cole: Augmenting human intelligence and exploring the ripples on the cosmic medium
Jacob Cole is the CEO and cofounder of Ideaflow, a platform to augment human intelligence. Jacob is a super talented entrepreneur that likes to go deep in both humanistic and technological areas. His company is producing a fascinating intelligent notebook, a collaborative software that could revolutionize the way we connect concepts and create new possibilities. In this conversation we explore topics that go from artificial intelligence and deep learning including the latest theories of Francois Chollet, to the mysteries of our minds and behaviours, attachment, conditioning, the ripples on the cosmic medium and so much more.


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00:00 – Intro
01:14 – Universal dualities and deep learning
01:50 – François Chollet deep learning theories – the hybrid system 1 + 2
04:07 – English as a programming language, building
06:10 – The 3 layer sandwich model of François Chollet
08:20 – an IDE for english, strategies and possibilities
12:31 – hypothesis about how smart complexity emerges
12:57 – The inner language hypothesis
15:41 – The amazon tribe that only counts up to 4
20:24 – Non-attachment and Daoism
24:33 – Meeting Linus
25:58 – Deep learning, looking back towards the brain
26:27 – Back to François Chollet and analogies in the universe
33:50 – back to an IDE for english and decompiling language
37:52 – GPT-3 and brittleness
39:13 – Hybrid approaches in deep learning
42:15 – Reality and ripples on the cosmic medium
45:17 – Meeting Miles
47:15 – Releasing attachment and being molded by the universe, simulated annealing
50:32 – Optimization and life, annealing and the subconscious pot
52:35 – Assimilating to the structure of the cosmic order
53:50 – What is the Dao (daoism) – things behave according to their nature
55:43 – Chinese medicine and sleep
58:21 – Self realization
01:00:26 – Donald Hoffman and the case against reality
01:03:37 – another annealing hypothesis, fields and randomness
01:07:22 – Gödel’s incompleteness theorems, limits of models
01:08:42 – Annealing with a field, looking for life’s unknown fields
01:12:56 – Scientific American article: Ian Stevenson’s Case for the Afterlife: Are We “Skeptics” Really Just Cynics?
01:15:33 – A fifth force of nature – physics potential discovery
01:18:54 – You are the universe speaking – The no self realization
01:19:10 – Two forces: the nature of the universe vs conditioning speaking through you
01:21:37 – Who is speaking? conditioning or your original nature?
01:24:05 – Detecting the roots of our thinking and actions
01:25:10 – How to stop living in autopilot, how to prevent conditioning from winning so often
01:27:50 – Clear thinking when we are in love – Buddist monks analogy
01:31:00 – Avidya – ignorance (sanskrit) vs vidya (right knowledge)
01:34:07 – A different perspective on sin and conflict
01:35:14 – A language where we can express which part of us is the source of our wants, needs, impulses, etc
01:36:30 – Quote: if you are finding that you need to keep yourself motivated, maybe you are chasing somebody else’s goals
01:39:05 – The depth of the sanskrit language
01:41:06 – The meaning of Yoga
01:46:18 – Linus’s language: we don’t do something, we are something
01:47:08 – The do-nothing in daoism and non-attachment
01:48:24 – The universe moving us (proactivity)
01:50:00 – Meeting Ben
01:53:07 – Two people connecting because they represent the same thing
01:55:22 – Our center always changes because the universe is always changing – homeodynamic – maintain balance as everything keeps changing
01:57:22 – The concept of Grok and grokking – to grasp an idea intuitively or by empathy
02:04:09 – Managing our auto-pilot behaviour and thinking
02:06:00 – Analogy with yoga poses – Avidya – ignorance , grokking avidya and relax the muscles
02:09:15 – Different ways of thinking arriving to the same fundamental truths
02:11:31 – Qigong and the energy in all experiences
02:15:35 – Last thoughts about attachment, conditioning and the self

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Explorations Beyond
Explorations Beyond
Jacob Cole