Wearable technology, from healthcare to fashion:
Billa Bhandari is the co-founder and CEO of VitalProbe. He has thirty plus years of experience in building businesses around Banking, Managed Services, Cyber Security, Healthcare, and Higher Education. He has strong recognition in the International Biometrics and Cyber Security communities and served on the Electronic Crime Taskforce Committee of the USA. In the Education Sector, Billa led the process of building The College of Fashion & Design in Dubai and also founded the Geneva School of Public Policy, and has consulted with several prominent Fashion Institutes such as ESMOD Dubai, the International Fashion Academy in Paris, the Amsterdam Fashion Academy etc. . Currently he is working within the wearable tech sector developing a product that is being currently evaluated by NASA for its next space mission.

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01:42 – Wearable technology: why it matters: comfortable solutions – lifestyle vs needs
03:33 – Form factors people are comfortable with 
04:57 – VitalProbe: next generation medical/well-being wearable technology that doesn’t require human activation (detecting HRV (Heart rate variability), temperature and other parameters)
06:52 – Personal preferences that shape the behaviour of the wearable device
07:55 – How little can wearable devices become? could they eventually be within our bodies, blood vessels etc; Where is the limit? Subdermal implants.
09:01 – Subdermal biometric chips in lifestock, armed forces, etc.
10:10 – Tracking changes in emotional factors (stress, etc). 
11:35 – Combining efforts with other communities for data mining (medical, A.I, etc)
13:22 – Main challenges when creating a high tech wearable device: battery life 
15:24 – Building a next generation charger (while stored, device keeps charging)
16:40 – Devices that you buy once and last for a lifetime
17:28 – Mobile app that interacts with the wearable device
17:58 – How do we make sure that the wearable device stays in good contact with the body? good placement to detect heart rate, posture, hrv, temperature and activities.
19:25 – Devices that are tracking always the right data vs mobile phone apps
21:10 – Catching diseases in advance – lifestyle recommending system
22:35 – Peace of mind for elderly people / ICU discharge procedures, long term assistance.
24:53 – Corporate wellbeing: detecting bad postures and other harmful habits
27:35 – Providing assistance and treatment without human intervention
30:03 – Efficient wearable systems – eliminating human error or unethical practices by human intermediaries – Villages in India
32:10 – Passing the responsibility to the machines (avoiding human errors)
32:50 – How wearable tech could have helped in a crisis like the Covid-19 one.
33:50 – Making wearable technology stylish – Fashion accessories 
35:11 – Conductive fabric for wearable tech.
37:11 – Experimental clothing: changing color depending on your mood – gathering kinetic energy
38:58 – Big data helping with early detection and diagnosis and with the manufacturing of new treatments
40:01 – Distributed and remote work: leaner operations, getting rid of unnecessary travel and spending
42:21 – Self driven people, productivity and remote work
43:34 – Consciousness: what kind of wearable is it? (integral to the mind, or everpresent in the universe?)
44:52 – Context and consciousness
46:13 – Consciousness: are we in control?
47:11 – Wearable personalities: modulating personalities through continuous feedback (wearable therapist)
49:25 – Brain chemistry modulation, nanorobots
50:14 – Nano chips, nano satellites, taking wearable tech anywhere in the planet
51:30 – Edge computing, working unconnected
52:35 – Forgetting that we have a wearable on us
53:11 – BLE technology and wearables
53:50 – The meaning of life – making a difference
57:14 – Conclusion

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Explorations Beyond
Explorations Beyond
Billa Bhandari