Flying cars, antarctica and creating Evernote from a sailboat:
Heather Wilde was the eighth employee of Evernote and is known as “The Unicorn Whisperer”. She’s published games for Disney, the WWE, and Paramount, trained Fortune 500 brands, advised hundreds of startups, and managed nonprofit programs for Alcon, Starbucks, Patagonia, and others. Wilde has received commendations for her work from the US Government, as well as Awards for Mentor, Coach, Female Executive, Entrepreneur and CTO of the Year, and been named Top Writer on Quora. She writes for Forbes,, and the “Entrepreneurial Revolution” column for Inc Magazine.

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01:47 – Flying cars: status today and when will they be widespread?
04:32 – What do flying cars look like?
05:44 – Case studies: flying taxis in dubai by 2022
07:27 – Automatic delivery of PPE 
08:28 – Risk factors with flying cars
09:45 – Air race challenges with flying cars
10:28 – Moore’s law 
11:12 – Change processes: Focus, Language and Physiology; Change as a tool to unstuck yourself from blockages.
14:29 – Becoming conscious of change: reaching the right balance
16:24 – Emotion journals
18:18 – Benefits of Stressful times
21:23 – Building Evernote from a Sailboat 
22:34 – Evernote’s security breach: handling the stress, the importance of trust
24:24 – Living on a sailboat/rv: the cons / being creative with your resources
26:47 – Living on a sailboat/rv: the pros / appreciating the wonders of the planet 
27:19 – Organizing a technology conference in Antarctica
28:35 – The sea of Cortez and the blue whale
30:28 – Successful entrepreneurs, born or made? Different entrepreneurial styles
34:42 – Small spaces in our minds: expanding our internal spaces: reading and watching science fiction
37:31 – The roots of entrepreneurship: The “no limits” spirit
38:42 – Changing your path when necessary – learning has its own value
40:38 – Discovering that you are an “entrepreneur” when you are already one
41:55 – Not holding onto “ideas” or things at all costs: welcoming “failure”
43:00 – Rediscovering our capacity and inner strength to start all over again
45:23 – Remote work: present and future
47:57 – Meetings in the age of remote work
49:30 – Meetings: what makes a good one?
50:54 – Coaching: what is a coach and how can a coach help people?
54:35 – The meaning of life: “StarTrek” vs “Skynet”
56:50 – What comes next?
57:52 – Conclusion

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