La Cris: How improvisation can change your life | the freedom in improvisation musicians & creatives
laCris is a master musical artisan and improviser, a trans-juglar that rescues and cultivates sounds all over the world. She finds music in the simplest things and educates and inspires others about the wonders of improvisation and the nature of sounds and music.

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00:00 – Intro
01:25 – First improvisation performance by la Cris
04:30 – The meaning of music
06:19 – Music for addressing the darkest sides of life
06:33 – The process of improvising: being in the now
07:53 – Lack of judgement and censorship
09:30 – How do we go beyond our fears and into the present moment
10:56 – Onion improvisation
11:10 – Letting yourself go, improvisation as a gift
12:29 – Tapping into the universal energy
13:17 – The human impulse to want to control things
14:37 – Analytical vs Creative thinkings: looking for balance
15:12 – How to begin to add more improvisation into your life
15:45 – “The music lesson” by Victor L. Wooten
16:35 – Relaxing into the process: kissing in the moment
17:06 – The importance of trust
17:49 – “Fluent forever” by Gabriel Wyner
18:21 – Find the fountains, the sources of what you want to explore
19:20 – Starting small, playing and having fun, finding your space
20:06 – Introducing Guadalupe to the audience – loop station
20:34 – Improvising with Guadalupe, the process, combining ingredients
23:13 – We are always improvising: facing uncertainty, benefits for mental health
24:07 – Improvising in Africa, in the streets, creating safe spaces
25:27 – Streets and subways, the largest stage ever
26:13 – People passing by, facing the reason behind your singing, your actions
27:42 – Bobby McFerrin and improvisation as an x-ray of your soul
29:24 – Being in Ghana: so different and yet so similar
30:23 – Rhythm, the roots of humanity
30:40 – Carajillo, improvising an instrument with a nut
31:41 – la Cris singing with the Carajillo
32:17 – Singing with spoons
32:53 – We need much less than we think of everything: unlearning
33:02 – Finding the magic in the little things
33:39 – Singing with spoons part 2
35:20 – Using our fear to create
35:57 – Channeling Stevie Wonder
37:11 – la Cris performing with her body: our bodies, the root
38:13 – Taking care of our main instrument, our body
38:39 – Exploring and discovering sounds: primal happiness
39:36 – Conflict: non violent communication, singing through conflict
41:06 – Going into ourselves in order to connect with others
42:03 – We are the ancestors of the future generations
43:51 – Accepting our truth, the truth of the present moment
44:17 – “The body keeps the score” by Bessel Van Der Kolk
45:21 – la Cris new music album (mordisco)
46:20 – El ministerio de la escucha: a new way to consume music
46:55 – Intimate meetings to listen music and debate
48:05 – Making music personal and intimate with its creator
50:57 – Inspiring others to create rather than just showing off what you did
54:22 – Improvisation is love for life
55:31 – Canary islands and Nomadismo artístico, origins of la Cris
57:06 – Nomadismo artístico: go deep into new communities and cultures
58:29 – Earth is alive: Island of Hierro and its 800 volcanoes
01:44:10 – Wim hof, Joe di Sena: the body drives the mind
01:02:07 – The impact of what we eat in our minds
01:03:31 – Intermittent fasting – we eat too much
01:04:59 – Taking action, leading the brain and mind towards positive change
01:06:28 – Imitating birds with instruments created by Luthier Maurilio
01:09:35 – The voice, the favourite instrument of la Cris
01:10:19 – Depression and the voice, singing through our challenges
01:12:53 – Music was there before us and will be there after us
01:15:29 – The importance of silence
01:16:24 – The energy in the silence
01:17:22 – Silence allows us to listen and learn
01:18:39 – The importance of being nuts (responsibly 😉
01:18:50 – Adults: being childish vs being child like

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