At the intersection of Technology and Art:
Piero Scaruffi is a multidimensional expert. He was founding director of the Artificial Intelligence Center at Olivetti in California. He has been a visiting scholar at Harvard and Stanford Universities conducting research on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science. Piero has lectured in three continents on “The Nature of Mind” and “History of Knowledge” (for many years at U.C. Berkeley), and has published a number of books as well as hundreds of articles. As a software consultant, he pioneered Internet applications, Artificial Intelligence and Object-Orientated design in Silicon Valley. He also co-wrote a massive “History of Silicon Valley” book(2012), that was later translated in Chinese (2014) and voted the seventh most influential book of the year. He is also an award winning poet, who has as well pioneered Internet-based journalism. On 15 Oct 2006 the New York Times ran an article about piero’s website ( titled “The Greatest Website of all Times”. He also founded the Leonardo Art Science Evenings (LASERs) which spread to more than 30 universities worldwide and are present for example at University of San Francisco, Stanford University and U.C. Berkeley. He is also an avid traveler who has visited more than 160 countries.

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– 01:33: How machines learn vs how humans learn
– 03:36: Defining what is “accurate”
– 04:38: artificial neurons vs human neurons
– 05:47: Not everything is a network
– 06:24: is computer memory really a memory? or something else?
– 07:18: 20 Watts, human vs machine optimization
– 08:45: Common sense and self driving cars
– 10:38: When will the self driving car be viable on a massive scale?
– 11:34: Change the definition and anything can happen: trains on rails vs self driving vehicles
– 13:53: consciousness as part of the fabric of the brain vs panpsychism (a fundamental property of the universe)
– 14:48: consciousness in the mouse and other animals
– 16:47: Umbrellaness: properties that other things have and we don´t
– 17:52: Machines that help doctors and accelerate the usefulness of the inmense scientific information available
– 21:15: Speeding up discovery and development of drugs: helping doctors come up with Hypothesis
– 22:45: Ebola and vaccines
– 23:20: Robotic labs producing vaccines for imaginary diseases
– 24:50: Borges and the library that has all the possible books that can exist
– 26:09: Creative fields plus technology: Robotic dogs imitating animals, Agent 57
– 27:55: How much real value are creating A.I technologies like reinforcement learning and others?
– 29:32: A.I that can read, Elmo, Bert, GPT-2
– 30:11: Theory formation: machines coming up with a theory
– 33:10: Art and Science coming together, LASER events
– 34:22: The Last Festival Life Art Science Technology
– 34:55: The history of Silicon Valley: what is special about the bay area? A cultural perspective
– 37:40: Silicon Valley: a different mindset 
– 38:43: Why the Mac was a great machine: artists and musicians
– 39:13: Europe vs Silicon Valley: greatest vs craziest. Lifestyles.
– 42:01: The role of government at the origins: Europe vs California
– 42:43: Not a single model: Japan
– 43:55: Artists driving the silicon valley movement: art by machines for machines.
– 45:30: Three crisis converging today: covid(health), populism(politics), privacy(data)
– 47:13: What do arts do in a massive crisis? Spanish Flu, World War I: The Dada cultural movement. Hirosihma, Holocaust, Polio epidemics: Theater of the absurd, existencialism, Bebop. The AIDS epidemic: Punk Rock
– 49:44: Artist need shockwaves. Paradigm shifts.
– 50:18: The black death and the italian renaissance(Leonardo Da Vinci, etc)
– 51:08: What would be impressive today in the arts? coming up with something truly new
– 53:47: A key factor in the arts
– 54:32: Evaluating music: what means to have great skills as a performer
– 56:05: A history of arts for cats vs for a computer vs for humans
– 56:44: Art created by birds, spiders, by nature, by machines, etc
– 57:35: Random people making random art
– 58:54: Art: about usefulness and definitions
– 01:00:25: The Role of art in society: re-thinking
– 01:01:29: At the beginning there was art: caves of Lascaux
– 01:02:20: Seeing purpose everywhere
– 01:02:55: No more online exhibitions of offline art
– 01:05:02: Art that interacts
– 01:06:15: Laptop Theater Performance done by Artificial life(Avatars)
– 01:07:05: Art in the times of covid
– 01:08:21: What is the meaning of life
– 01:09:09: How much are we in charge of our own lives? The illusion of control, the illusion of knowledge
– 01:10:43: what drives us? how much of us is encoded in the DNA?
– 01:12:30: conclusion

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Explorations Beyond
Piero Scaruffi