Dr. José Morey: From Leonardo Da Vinci to the Singularity, a journey with the first intergalactic doctor:
CEO and Founder of Ad Astra Media LLC and an Eisenhower Fellow with the 2020 ZHI-XING Fellows Program. He is a health and technology keynote speaker, author and a consultant for NASA, Forbes, MIT and the White House Office of Science and Technology. He is considered a leader in exponential technology innovation and excels at leading multidisciplinary teams that sit at the epicenter of biotechnology, AI and aerospace. He is considered the first Intergalactic Doctor and is often featured on Forbes, Univision, CNBC and NASA360. His latest essay “The Future Shock of Medicine: How AI will Transform Disease, Death and Doctors” was recently reviewed by The Wall Street Journal along with other contributions by contemporary thought leaders. He serves as a technology and business advisor for MIT, NASA, UVA, African Innovation Alliance, US-Polish Alliance for Innovation and has served as special envoy to the Polish Space Agency.

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02:06 – Leonardo Da Vinci, what can we learn from Da Vinci’s personality in these challenging times?
03:35 – Learning from those that know more than we do
05:12 – Exponential thinking – working on something bigger than yourself
07:40 – Healthcare and artificial intelligence
10:22 – Why artificial intelligence is a unique tool
11:39 – the future artificial intelligence as a reflection of ourselves
12:28 – Ethical AI: bias in the data
14:40 – Augmented humans: Physicians and AI, coexisting and collaborating
16:20 – The change brought by AI
18:26 – The future of healthcare
20:18 – The artificial researcher, will it happen?
21:35 – The transition from wellness to disease
22:26 – Healthcare data digitization challenge
24:05 – Singularity – GPT AI models and what if the process has began
24:38 – May some of these AI algorythms be somewhat, if minimally, sentient?
25:06 – GPT and the unicorn story
25:29 – Robert Sapolsky, primates vs humans in the brain, complexity that produces qualitative leaps
26:45 – Did we hit the singularity already and haven’t realized?
28:29 – Are we already incubating the beginning of AI sentience?
29:41 – Healthcare challenges on Space, AI
31:10 – One way trip to Mars
32:54 – Nasa ITech project: technology gaps and challenges in space
33:47 – Science fiction vs Science fact
34:51 – The radiation challenge: water, the wifi shield
35:50 – Preventive surgeries and other challenges related to gravity and space
36:43 – Dementia issues; females are more resilient when exposed to radiation
37:57 – The potential benefits of full female crews
38:32 – Women, space and science
39:00 – What will future humans, living outside earth, think of us when they look back?
41:25 – Universal things that connect us
44:05 – Extremophiles: extreme bacteria living in extreme environments
46:45 – New ways in which life may evolve – studying extremophiles
47:24 – How extremophiles can help us and teach us to deal with our challenges
48:04 – Terraforming and climate change
50:06 – Jose’s grandmother and humanity
52:04 – The importance of giving
52:57 – Humanity: light and darkness

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Explorations Beyond
Explorations Beyond
Dr. Jose Morey